A Beginner's Guide to Selling Your Crafts


Here is everything you need to succeed with your handmade crafts.

This book is the best from our other books.  It includes the following:

* A guide to selling your crafts directly to the public at crafts fairs and art shows, selling wholesale to galleries, and marketing on the internet.

* 200 tips for finding and getting into craft shows and how to survive them and make money. Learn about taking credit cards, safety on the road, making your own display and anchoring it, selling, avoiding theft, travelling to shows by road or air, making your own web site, and doing your own photography for web images and show application slides.

* 850 of the best craft fairs and art shows in the U.S.

* 1,100 top craft galleries that are seeking new contemporary crafts to sell.

* Instructions for using downloadable spreadsheet templates and forms for use with Microsoft Excel and Word, including an easy monthly bookkeeping system, a product pricing calculator, an inventory tracking template, a mail list manager, a business plan, invoice, marketing plan, invoice, forms to organize your application deadlines and show schedules, and legal agreements for consignment, sales representatives, etc.

* Contact information for everything from canopies and display cases to trade shows, photographers, craft fair guides, and credit card providers, including over 100 show promoters who produce multiple shows around the country.

Minimum software requirements for using the software templates included on the CD-ROM: Personal PC computer with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office 2000 or higher or Word 6.0 and Excel 6.0 or higher.


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