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Microsoft Office for Artists, and Craftspeople


Over 70 templates and spreadsheets to help you organize your shows, price your products, keep your books, and plan your business. You need Microsoft Word and Excel to use these templates.

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Table of Contents

Introduction      3

Acknowledgments   4

Different Microsoft Office Configurations    7

Basic Computer Requirements      8

Definitions for Beginners      8

What is word processing?      8

What are spreadsheets?     9

What are databases?      10

How to Use Windows      11

How to Use a Word Processor      12

How to Use a Spreadsheet      13

About the "Forms and Spreadsheets" Disk      14

Installing "Forms and Spreadsheets"     14

How to Use the "Forms and Spreadsheets" Disk      15

Bookkeeping      16

Monthly Accounting System (bookkeeping.xls) 16

Daily Cash Report (daily reports.xls)      17

Show Expense Report (expenses.xls)    19

Vehicle Log (vehicle.xls)     21

Accounts Receivable (accounts receivable.xls)   24

Selling Retail at Craft Fairs and Art Shows 26

Craft Fair Application Organizer (organizer.xls)   26

Craft Fairs at a Glance (fair year.xls)      28

Craft Fair Equipment List (equipment.xls)   30

Customer  Mailing List (customer.xls)    32

Craft Fair Database (fair list.xls)      34

Selling Wholesale to Craft Galleries      36

Craft Gallery Database (gallery list.xls)      36

Credit Application (credit application.doc)  38

Consignment Agreement (consignment.doc) 39

Another Consignment Agreement (consignment 2.doc)      42

Craft Gallery Startup Costs (startup costs.xls)      44

Sales Representative Agreement (sales rep agreement.doc)    46

Sales Representative Commission Report (commission.xls)  48

Sales Call Record (sales calls.xls)      50

Trade Show Expenses (trade show.xls)      52

Forms 54

Invoice (invoice.xls)     54

Purchase Order (purchase order.xls)      56

Statement (statement.xls)   58

Packing List (packing list.xls)      60

Price List (price list.xls)      62

Sales Order (sales order.xls)      63

Planning      66

Business Plan (business plan.doc)      66

Budget (budget.xls)      68

Cash Flow Planner (cash flow.xls)      70

Daily Planner (day planner.xls)      72

Production      74

Inventory (inventory.xls)   74

Employee Application (job application.doc)  76

Employee Non-Competing Agreement (non-competing.doc)    78

Independent Contractor (contract.doc)    79

Marketing      82

Product Pricing (pricing.xls)     82

Marketing Plan (marketing plan.xls)      84

Press Release (press release.doc)      86

Project Bid (project bid.doc)      87

Mail Order Advertising Results (advertising.xls) 90

Desktop Publishing      92

Letterheads (letterheads.doc) 92

Shipping Labels (labels.doc)      94

Resume (resume.doc)      96

To-do List (to-do list.xls)      98

Miscellaneous     100

Personal Financial Statement (net worth.xls)      100

Home Office Deduction (home deduction.xls)    102

Business Evaluation (business value.xls)      104

Profit and Loss Statement (profit statement.xls)    106

Balance Sheet (balance sheet.xls)      108

Letters      110

Craft Fair Letter      110

Opening Accounts      110

Customer Service      110

Employee Letter      116

Bad Checks      116

Late Payments      116

Requests for Information      122

How to Use Publisher      124

Other Forms on the Disk      125

Conclusion      126



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Microsoft Office for Craftspeople




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