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Spreadsheet Templates


These are the spreadsheets that are described in several of the books from our website.  To use the templates, you must have Microsoft Excel and Word on your computer.  Click on the spreadsheet and Excel or Word will open and you can use the spreadsheet.  You can also save the file onto your computer using the save as function.  Then you can click on the file on your computer, and run the program and file from your hard drive.


Craft Pricing pricing.xls


Craft Fair Application Organizer organizer.xls


Craft Fairs at a Glance fair year.xls


Craft Fair Equipment List equipment.xls


Craft Show Expense Report expenses.xls


Customer Mailing List customer.xls


Trade Show Costs tradeshow.xls


Sales Representative Agreement rep agreement.doc


Gallery Database gallery list.xls


Consignment Agreement consignment.doc


Invoice invoice.xls


Business Plan businessplan.doc


Inventory inventory.xls


Press Release press release.doc


Shipping Labels labels.doc


Resume resume.doc